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exp_horizons's Journal

Expanded Horizons Webzine Community
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Working to promote diversity in speculative fiction
This is the Livejournal blog of the Expanded Horizons webzine community. This is a community for our readers, our contributors and our staff to meet, mingle, discuss the magazine, ask questions, and talk about diversity and its place in the future of speculative fiction. Feel free not only to comment on the works we publish here in Expanded Horizons, but also to discuss other works: who is doing a particularly good job of addressing diversity in speculative fiction, and in what media? Where is there still need for improvement? This is a place for us to make each other aware of the goings-on in the genre, the who, what, where, when, and how. I hope we know why. :-)

I chose Livejournal as the home for this community over a standard blog because this community is intended to be interactive. It is not simply a place for staff to talk about the magazine and for readers to comment, it is a place for each of us to share with each other important developments in, and insights about, diversity in speculative fiction. This is not a space for "top-down" discussion, it is a space for communal discussion.

Remember, the mission of our magazine is to promote and advance increased awareness of, and welcoming acceptance of, authentic human diversity and difference, with special focus on under-represented voices and perspectives.

Posting access to this journal is moderated, in order to maintain a professional, mature, respectful environment. All of our contributors will automatically be approved to join. Our readers may also join- just send the moderator an email (spacehawk at mailforce dot net) and tell us how you heard of our magazine and why you want to join our community. All folks will be assumed to be respectful and mature unless demonstrated otherwise. The moderator's decisions about posting access are final.


From our website:

The mission of Expanded Horizons is to increase diversity in speculative fiction and to create a venue for the authentic expression of under-represented voices in the genre. We do not publish material which does not fit with and further the mission of our magazine.

Our specific objectives include (but are not limited to):

-Increasing the number of authentically portrayed people of color in speculative fiction
-Increasing authentic ethnic diversity in speculative fiction
-Increasing the number of women authors in speculative fiction
-Increasing the number of authentically portrayed gay, lesbian, bisexual and asexual people in speculative fiction
-Increasing the number of authentically portrayed transgender, transsexual, intersex and genderqueer⁄fluid people in speculative fiction
-Increasing the number of authentically portrayed people with disabilities in speculative fiction
-Publishing essays and reflections on speculative fiction and fandom which relate closely to the challenges and importance of diversifying the field
-Creating a venue so that under-represented minorities who tend to be represented unrealistically or negatively in most speculative fiction may speak out in their own voice

We are expressly welcoming of submissions from esoteric minorities, including Otherkin in the broadest and most inclusive definition of the term, Vampyres, and people with rare, energetic sensitivities and awarenesses.