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Hi everyone!

Our Issue 47 is live! Enjoy!

OK, so it seems like I didn't announce issue 45 in here. OOPS.

We've got an Issue 46 going on. It's awesome! You all should read it! And I've got the stories lined up for the next issue, too -- NEXT MONTH! And I have most of the stories lined up for issue after that as well! Whee!

I didn't (permanently) fall off the face of the Earth, I promise. >_<;
Hi everyone!

Our November issue has arrived! This issue features fiction set in four very different places: The rocky Irish coast, a suburb in the Philippines, the Desert (even as it mysteriously appears inside your own home), and on a far off world in the remains of an ancient alien city. We have Filipino spirit healers, magic realism, a lesbian selkie romance, and a contemplation of what human (and alien) colonization of space might mean for our collective linguistic future. Come inside and enjoy!
Dear Readers,

After a long wait, our July issue has arrived! This issue features three new stories, one updated version of a story previously published in Expanded Horizons, and a spec fic poem. Three stories this month feature gay/lesbian/queer characters, and two of these stories take place in an alternate universe Texas. (This wasn't planned!)

I'm also proud to announce that "They Come In Through The Walls" (Issue 35, May 2012) by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam has been translated into French and reprinted in the anthology TÉNÈBRES:


Do you have a story that debuted in Expanded Horizons and has since been translated or reprinted? Please drop me a line and let me know. I'd love to announce your success! (I know you're out there. ;) )

I hope you enjoy the issue, and ask that you please donate via Paypal if you appreciate our efforts!

- Dash

On Stories With Gay Lovers Dying

As some of you may or may not be aware, there is a trend in fiction that stories with same sex couples often end with one or both partners dead, more often than is the case with straight couples. In my slush pile, I mostly see this in stories about gay men, and very rarely see it about lesbians. (Stories with lesbians dying may exist elsewhere -- we just don't see it often.)

As author Chimamanda Adichie cautious in her famous TED Talk, we must beware of the danger of a single story. We must reflect on the "single stories" of others we ourselves carry, and we must take steps to create, and promote, other narratives, especially of marginalized people and experiences.

So we absolutely need more stories about same sex partners (any kind of queer partners, actually) that don't end in tragic death. LGBTQ youth need to see stories about people like them, which have happy endings (or at least where everyone's not dead!!).

No really, we need happy endings too.

But that is not the same thing as saying that there is no place for queer stories which do end in the death of one or both partners.

I have a hunch that perhaps we see so many of these stories today because of the legacy of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and the many personal and community traumas endured by the gay community on account of that. Perhaps many straight people grew up only hearing about gay people in this context, and so in their minds, the "single story" can only end with tragedy and death. Or perhaps they've lost friends or loved ones due to AIDS themselves. Perhaps also for many gay people, writing stories which end in tragic death is a conscious or unconscious way of processing this trauma, even part of the psychic healing process -- a way to deal with these personal and communal wounds.

On top of this I would like to add that not all LGBTQ people can safely come out, so please be cautious before judging people who write such stories. If you don't know them closely and personally, you don't know what they have endured and survived.

tl;dr: We need more diversity of narratives, so we can create MORE SPACE for narratives, not shut out narratives that wrestle with dark and uncomfortable subjects.
Hi everyone!

Expanded Horizons Issue 42 has arrived at last! In this issue, we bring you tales of ancient beasts, jungle spirits, and mysterious life forms from deep space! We also feature a faity-tale inspired poem and post-colonial steampunk art. Please enjoy our issue, and help support our efforts by making a small contribution if you can.

Thank you!
Hi everyone!

Expanded Horizons Issue 41 has arrived at last! We have two stories, two poems, and some original artwork! I hope you enjoy the issue, and please remember to donate if you can -- every little bit helps us to pay our contributors, and continue publish engaging, diverse speculative fiction.

Thank you!

Native Spanish Speaker Needed

Hi everyone,

I have a submission I'd like to go over with a native speaker, to make sure the Spanish is accurate. If you can help out, please let me know.


Speculative Fiction Demographics Poll

Hey everyone!

Mary Robinette Kowal has put up a poll to gauge fandom demographics. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/readingsf

Please take a moment to take the survey and let your presence in fandom be noted! The poll asks several different types of demographics questions, as well as several questions about the types and formats of spec fic that you consume.

Sadly, the poll doesn't include any demographics questions about religion, or about disability (except if one is unable to work), but it does include thoughtful questions about several other demographics, and is especially conscious about gender identity and sexual orientation. Also, the poll doesn't list online spec fic magazines (pro and semi-pro) in the spec fic format options, so if you read Expanded Horizons and/or other short fiction magazines, please write that in (the format, not the specific magazines)!

Thank you and please pass along!
Hi Readers,

Expanded Horizons Issue 40 is out!

These tales take us across the world, from Nigeria to Southeast Asia to the United States. We hope you enjoy these three stories and a poem, all by authors of color.

Please take a moment to donate and support our work!