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More LJ Discussion Of Cultural Appropriation

I just saw this post on sfwriters.

These are the arguments I am seeing tossed out in response to "please be culturally respectful":

1) "Why is that my problem?" (With sarcasm)
2) "If you don't like how I portray [these people, your people], don't by the book."
3) "I'm being brusque with you because the 'jackboot of political correctness' has gone on too long." (So my tone is justified in correcting some perceived injustice)
4) You only have a valid point about how your people are represented if "enough people agree with you" (So if you're a minority, you'd better have a lot of allies otherwise the default right to "make stuff up" about your people still lies with me)
5) "You have no right never to be offended by anything", so I do have a right to write things that offend people. (Variation on the "you're too sensitive" argument, also, mischaracterizes marginalized minorities as demanding that "no one ever does anything that offends us" Connected to #6: In particular...)
6) You can't ever please everyone all the time, so I'm going to offend people whatever I do anyway, so I might as well keep doing it the way I please. (Variation on "damned if you do, damned if you don't". Also implies that all offenses are the same, regardless of the target group or scope)
7) This isn't my issue- I asked a question unrelated to all this and you were the one who brought all this in. (Minorities are inappropriately "pushing" this issue on people who don't want to hear about it and don't care)
8) This isn't an issue if I don't have any readership of my story (Cultural appropriation isn't a serious issue in the abstract, so I can dismiss what you said)
9) Good writing is good writing independent of the background of the author (What makes writing "good" exists in a culture-free vacuum)
10) The burden of proper and thorough research that an outsider has in writing about the "other" is the same as the research an "insider" has to do to write about his or her own people (You can't single us majority folks out as having any special burden of research independent from anyone else)

And of course, "I apologize, but I'm still right."

I'm hearing a bingo card.

[It was widely agreed that the "make up your mind" square should have been "Damned if you do, damned if you don't".]

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