Dash (spacehawk) wrote in exp_horizons,

New Issue: Expanded Horizons Issue 55 Has Been Released!

Dear Readers,

The July issue is here! This month’s issue brings a ghostly battle, a look at disability through science fiction and fantasy lenses, spirits, Saami folklore, and a glimpse at the possible future of war, life, death and control over one’s body. We have five stories this month, not the usual four!

Please note that Expanded Horizons is temporarily not accepting new submissions. When I have finished responding to all the submissions in the queue, I will re-open the magazine to new submissions. We will still publish in the meantime – I have so much good material here! But if you all keep sending me your wonderful works, I’ll never get through them all.

As always, if you like the issue and appreciate our efforts, please consider making a donation to Expanded Horizons through the PayPal button on the right. See you next month!

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