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In Case You Missed This

There's been some fail going on in the past month.

First, this and this came out, making us all aware of how badly Strange Horizons failed with a story about Indians. Both the folks at Strange Horizons and the author herself apologized, and vowed to learn from this and not repeat it. (See here and here, for those apologies respectively.)

These are good examples of what to do when you fail!

Then this happened over at the SFPA's Star*Line.

A lot of people called this out.

This is not how to respond. A breakdown of that response can be found here.

I've recently made a bunch of anti-oppression bingo cards, and will probably make several more in the near future. One of my "free spaces" is "My story is not supposed to be about REAL [minority] people, so STFU!"

...And this would be an example of that, yes.

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