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New Issue: Expanded Horizons Issue 30 Has Been Released!

Dear Readers,

We did it -- Issue 30!

After some delay, our new issue is finally online, with four fascinating stories! We are proud to showcase three authors of color, one of whom has her first ever publication with us. We wish her success in her writing career!

Our July issue also includes a story that directly calls out common racist stereotypes in SF. We seldom publish similar material, but for reasons explained on the story page, we felt that this was warranted.

In other news, I know it took me a while to notice, but I just discovered that Karen Burnham put Expanded Horizons (and me) in for a Hugo.

I'm honored and flattered -- thank you, Karen!

The Expanded Horizons readership continues to steadily grow, while the number of submissions has actually been declining -- so if you have a story that would be a good fit for us, or you know someone who does, please help spread the word!


Author Dusk Peterson likes our submissions guidelines.

Submit, donate, and help spread the word.

Dash, for the Expanded Horizons team

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