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New Issue: Expanded Horizons Issue 25 Has Been Released!

Dear Readers,

Our Issue 25 is up for your reading pleasure!

We have three interviews with some of our Arab and/or Muslim contributors! We've also decided to make December an "interview month" from now on.

We will resume out fiction next month. We're also going to launch a way for you to buy Expanded Horizons merchandise.

What would you like to buy? So far we have one enthusiastic vote for stationary, pens, pencils, notepads, journals, and post-it notes.

How about buttons and t-shirts? I'd like to make those.

Expanded Horizons may be hosting a room party at Arisia in Boston this year. I'm trying to set it up and will announce it if it's going to happen.

Even if we don't have a room party, I will be there and on panels! I will also be helping out with the Carl Brandon Awards.

Enjoy our 25th issue and remember, it's always a good time to donate or submit a story!

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