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Feminist SF Essay Opportunity!

Not long ago, I posted a critique of android sex worker stories here.

Apropos, as a matter of fact, since one, The Windup Girl, just won the Nebula (2009) and Compton Crook award (2010), was nominated for the Hugo (2010).

We would like to publish a detailed review of this book through a critical race/gender theory lens. So tell your friends at Broad Universe and Wiscon, and contact me if you want more information.

Those of you in/from Thailand (or Malaysia or China) might care about this project, too, and might have something to say about this book. I'd be especially interested in hearing, and publishing, your voices on this.


Jun. 1st, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)
There is also a review on Beyond Victoriana.

Karen Burnham's take on the book

I'm quite surprised by this review, she raises many important issues and then still ends up saying "I wouldn't be offended if it won the Hugo, and I may still vote it #1, I'm not sure" in the comments.

And if I read your review right, you will also put the book on your Hugo ballot?

(I haven't read it yet, but both reviews sound like the problems with this novel would be dealbreakers for me. Of course YMMV.)
Jun. 2nd, 2010 07:26 am (UTC)
And if I read your review right, you will also put the book on your Hugo ballot?

I did put it on my Hugo nominating ballot. I don't have a vote in the final ballot, this year. I think it has many virtues, not least the urgency that goes into its setting, tackling a host of issues too much sf ignores. (I have no idea how the BV reviewer ended up thinking it was set in an alternate 19th century!) And for me, as I say in the review, one of the achievements of the book is that Emiko is gradually reframed as precisely not other, as being in a key sense the most human character in the book. But you can certainly argue the character has too much metaphoric/thematic weight to bear to stand up as a character.


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