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Site Is Down, And Why

Hi folks,

As silverwerecat just made me aware, the site is down.

Over the last several days, I have spent hours on the phone with our old hosting provider and our new one trying to ensure the transition would be smooth. Today alone I spent an hour on the phone back and forth with them to make sure things would go smoothly.

BUT, the site is down, and the error that comes up on the site now is of a kind that the tech support person had never before seen!

It seems the problem lies not with them but with Wordpress, which means all of our content will have to be re-uploaded. This would not be too much of a problem under normal circumstances (yes, we have backups of everything), except that today it just so happens that it's impossible for prezzey to upload anything because her internet is down.

So... spread the word, we are alive and well, we're just having technical difficulties.

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