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We Have A Button!

Dear Readers,

Expanded Horizons now (finally!) has a PayPal donation button up! Please consider making a donation today to help keep our magazine running and to helping us grow in 2010.

Where the money goes now:

We pay contributors $30 a story. So a four-story issue costs $120.

Hosting/the domain name cost about $150/year (this is approximate since we're about to switch companies and do not yet know how much that will cost. It could go up or down.).

What we would like to do with the money:

1. Pay contributors more. (Enough to be listed as a "professional market," for example, rather than "token to semi-pro.")
2. Cover costs for the room party at Arisia 2011 (one night of the room, unless someone I know at Arisia donates that, plus food.)
3. Recoup some of the money we've personally invested into this project to make it work (I'm unemployed and have been covering our costs out of my savings.).
4. Become a sponsor for projects we support (Carl Brandon Awards, for example).

And I'd love to be able to go to Wiscon, but that's financially not possible this year.

What do I get for donating?

Other than the satisfaction you helped support diversity in science fiction/fantasy (yay!), if you give $30 or more, you will get your name listed in the issue following your donation under our list of "Story sponsors." If you give $120 or more, you will be listed as an "Issue sponsor."

And eventually, we will even have a Cafe Press store and be able to send folks a free mug or something when you donate. Details to come.

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